(Non)Smoking Deal: Groupon + Nicolite

DSCF1638 - Nicolite

Smoking cigarettes is stupid, and I’m still trying to quit. I have good days and not so good days. I recently grabbed a Nicolite “e-cig” and I’m hoping it will help. I’ve used a similar product before with some success, and with the right attitude I reckon this gizmo might be just the thing for kicking this nasty and increasingly expensive habit. Are you trying to quit smoking too? With a current offer on Groupon for a Nicolite rechargeable starter kit (listed on the Birmingham page of Groupon), now might be the right time.

Here’s whatcha get:

- 1 Nicolite Rechargeable Starter Kit
- 4 Boxes of Cartomiser Refills
- This normally retails at £47.79; the Groupon voucher will be sold for only £18.00 for a 62% discount.

Find out more how to quit smoking at www.nicolites.co.uk.